How To Love Yourselfie!

Interactive Online Videos & Workbook

A social media literacy & eating disorders prevention program
geared toward ages 15 to 22.

This online, research-based program has five (5) modules with videos and worksheets:

  • LOVE YOUSELFIE (Promote real versus “ideal” body image
  • EXPLORE YOURSELFIE (Enhance self-awareness)
  • HELP YOURSELFIE (Reduce perfectionism and increase self-compassion)
  • BE YOURSELFIE (Engage in social media literacy)
  • CHERISH YOURSELFIE (Encourage positive actions and embrace optimism)

All rights reserved by Breaking The Chains Foundation 501(c)(3) Non-profit Charity

  • Creator: Jillian Rose Reed
  • Co-creators: Danielle Kelmar, LSCW, Gia Marson, Ed.D., Kelli Rugless, PsyD.
  • Program Manager and Development: Debra Hopkins
  • Program website: Addion Online Marketing
  • 2023 Lead Development Consultant: media literacy, diversity, & accessibility: Jess Hudgens
  • 2023 Video Editor/Captioning: Denise Robertson.
  • Website by: Addion Online Marketing
  • Special thanks to Michael Levine, Ph.D.

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