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Identifying Core Values

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Core values (family closeness, kindness, popularity, money, compassion, generosity, etc.) serve as our internal GPS in life. When we behave in alignment with our values, we tend to feel more confident, self-assured and have more self-appreciation than we would otherwise. Knowing our values can also help guide us in confusing situations where we aren’t sure what to do, say, or choose.

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Letting Go of Comparison

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Repeatedly, science backs that “upward” comparing ourselves to others on social media can decrease (even tank!) our self-esteem—which then leads to lower life satisfaction. And if you're comparing, for example, the “perfect” life someone else shows as their “everyday life” to your real-life “everyday life,” that’s probably an “upward” comparison. No matter how spontaneous, natural, or in-the-moment they make theirs look, there’s a strong chance that their shot or video is planned, unnatural, and not at all in the moment.

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Noticing How Different Sites Affect Me

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Social media can affect our mental health; when we compare ourselves to others and see how much happier other people appear to be, it can make us feel depressed or anxious, among other feelings. That’s where self-care comes in to combat the negative effects of social media self-care:

  • Unfollow/Unfriend accounts that make you unhappy: Honor yourself and remove content that creates anxiety or makes you feel badly about yourself.
  • Follow accounts that bring you positivity: Follow accounts that inspire you and are consistent with your interests (e.g., animals, art, travel)
  • Take a break! - Give yourself and your brain a break from social media and see how you feel.
  • Check in with yourself - “Am I comparing myself, my body or my life to others?”, and “Is this negatively impacting my mental health?”

It’s important to remember that social media is not reality and what you see is not always true. People have more going on in their lives than what they share online. Honor yourself and your mental health by using these tips and practicing self-care while on social media!  A little bit of self-care can go a long way!

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Checking Out My Online Routines

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No one has figured out how to make the day longer than 24 hours yet. So your time is both limited and valuable. That said, social media algorithms are designed to show us content we’re most likely to engage with. According to the Meta (parent company to Facebook and Instagram) “Whistle Blower” Frances Haugen, social media companies purposely suck us down the rabbit hole for their benefit, not ours.

"As these young women begin to consume this eating disorder content, they get more and more depressed," Frances Haugen said. "And it actually makes them use the app more. And so, they end up in this feedback cycle where they hate their bodies more and more." – Frances Haugen

60 Minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT2sMDCW_2k


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