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Understanding how the “ideal” body messages on social media are impacting me

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  • Social media messages promoting an “ideal” body shape and size are everywhere and yet sometimes subtle, making it difficult to notice their impact or challenge them. What is one social media account I follow that often promotes the idea that I should look a certain way or should prioritize attaining an “ideal” body?:
    • facebook
  • What am I focusing on when I am on this account?:
    • testing ted
  • After spending time on this account, what negative and positive feelings do I have about my body? :
    • testing again
  • Self-criticism is not a good motivator. When I follow this account, what are the unhelpful and helpful thoughts I have about my body? :
    • not sure
  • When it comes to improving my body-image, I can try cultivating helpful thoughts and positive emotions. If I choose to prioritize improving my body image, what are the pros and cons of continuing to follow this social media account and others like it?:
    • what to say